Colors Knowledge Base & Color Converter tools

Colors Knowledge Base provides the most comprehensive knowledge base regarding colors and colors conversions. Just pick a color from the site pallete or just type any color name or number and will give you specific information regarding this color and color models such as RGB, HSV, HSL and CMYK. Also available detailed information such as similar colors, darken colors, lighten colors and many CSS samples for text color, text shadow, border color, background color and some previews on white background and on a black background. In addition Colortohex also provides specific matching schemes for each color such as Analogous Color, Split Complementary Color, Tetradic Color, Triadic Color and Complementary Color.

Color Converter tools offers advanced color converters such as RGB to HEX that gives the hexadecimal values of your RGB colors and vice versa. Also available are the following converters: Hex to Rgb, RGB to Hex, RGB to Hsl, RGB to Hsv Hex to Smyk, RGB to Xyz, RGB to YXY, RGB to Hunter-Lab, RGB to Cie-Lab, RGB to CMY, RGB to Cie-Luv, RGB to RGB Percent, RGB to RGB Web Safe, RGB to Binary, HSV to RGB, RGB to Complementary color and RGB to Octal color.

Colors special lists

Aditional fetures that the site offers: A complete list of colors by full name, a complete list of 216 safe colors or other lists such as: Hex Colors List, RGB Colors List, Hsl Colors List, Hsv Colors Lis, Cmyk Colors List, Xyz Colors List, Yxy Colors List, Hunter-Lab Colors List, Cie-Lab Colors List, Cie-Luv Colors List, Cmy Colors List, Binary Colors List, Octal Colors List and Complemetray Colors.